Join LIGO and the Tri-City Astronomy Club for a [title]

   A Public Astronomy Event for All Ages!
  • LIGO Hanford Observatory
  • Saturday, August 10, 2013
  • 8:00 PM -- 1:00 AM
  • Free Admission
Come to LIGO and enjoy the night sky on August 10. Watch Perseid meteors. Use hosted telescopes to glimpse planets, stars, star clusters and galaxies. Bring blankets or lawn chairs for comfortable meteor viewing. Admission is free and all ages are welcome!
   8:00 PM Presentation by LIGO Hanford's Fred Raab:
LIGO Hanford Observatory Head Fred Raab describes how LIGO will listen as gravitational waves announce the birth of black holes. This presentation was first given at Chicago's Adler Planetarium in May 2013.

[aerial] For driving directions and more information, contact LIGO at
  • 509-372-8181

•Last modified July 8, 2013
•Pleides image credit: Art Stithem, TCAC
•Black hole image credit: NASA/CXC/SAO
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