Diagnostics Tools


Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory

New GDS source tree 1/1/02
The DMT and DTT cvs trees have been merged into a new gds tree (select GDS in the "CVS Root:" box and press go (look for the gds directory, the others are obsolete).
One can get the source code from the command line using cvs:
   setenv CVSROOT \ 
   cvs login 
   cvs checkout gds
Rauha's build instructions can be found here and Patrick's build log can be found here.

Diagnostics Test Tool (DTT) 8/29/00
Obtain information about the diagnostics test tool from here.
Several utility packages are available separately:
  • Algorithm library: fft tools, sine detection, decimation, etc.
  • Calibration: read and write calibration records in XML format, apply unit corrections.
  • MathNDS: The DAQ interface for Mathematica.
  • GUI Extensions: DMT Viewer, advanced entry fields, data containers, graphics pads.
  • Fantom/Lidax: Frame multiplexer and data access tool.
  • Framexmit: Fast and reliable multicast protocol for delivering frames.
  • Data MonitoringTool (DMT) 8/8/00
    Obtain information about the data monitoring tool from here.
    Get to the list of running monitor processes here.

    LIGO Tools 3/20/01
    Some of the diagnostics tools are distributed as binaries. Get them from the LIGO tools web page.

    Reference Manuals
    The reference manuals are available in html format:
  • DMT: sandbox, utility library, framework and framexmit.
  • DTT: main, mathnds, algorithms, calibration and gui extensions.
  • Source Code
    You will need to install ROOT, get it from here.
    Get the complete DMT source code distribution from here.
    Get the complete DTT source code distribution from here.

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