VxWorks C compiler

Options for the VxWorks C compiler
A gnu cross-compiler is used to compile the code for the VxWorks/MIPS processors. The standard options are specified in mips.mk as follows:

    -I<vxworks>		include the VxWorks headers
    -EB			big endian
    -mcpu=r4600		mips 4600 processor
    -mips3		mips 3 instruction set
    -mgp32		use 32 bit general purpose registers
    -mfp32		use 32 bit floating-point registers
    -DCPU=R4000		define for mips cpu
    -DMIPSEB		define for mips big endian
    -g			debuggin information in native format
    -non-shared		-
    -G 0		don't put data into small data sections 
    -ansi		support all ANSI standard C programs
    -nostdinc		don't search for includes in standard directories
    -O2			optimize at level 2
    -funroll-loops	unroll loops for optimization
    -fno-for-scope	-
    -Wall		use all recommended warnings

The include option -I is used to include all sub directories of the gds source directory. Additional defines (-D options) are used to specify the target system (see Compiling Environment).

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