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int taskCreate (int attr, int priority, taskID_t* taskID, const char* taskname, taskfunc_t task, taskarg_t arg)

Creates a task (VxWorks) or a thread (UNIX)


Creates a task (VxWorks) or a thread (UNIX). This function uses either taskSpawn or pthread_create, respectively. The function accepts the task/thread attributes, the task priority, the task function and a pointer to the task argument. It returns a status flag and the task ID if successful. The task attributes are specific to the environment (see manual page of taskSpawn and pthread_create, respectively).

0 if successfull, negative otherwise
attr - task creation attributes
priority - task priority
taskID - pointer to a task ID (return argument)
taskname - name of task (can be NULL)
task - function pointer to task/thread
arg - pointer to task arguments
DS, July 98
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