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LIGO makes the S5 data set publicly available for analysis.   Say hello to the LIGO Open Science Center (LOSC)!  Through the LOSC Web site, the public can download data from LIGO's fifth science run (S5 -- the fall of 2005 through the fall of 2007). LOSC tutorials and tools will help users understand the data stream and perform analyses. The S5 release represents the first in an ongoing program of LIGO releases in future years. Check the LOSC Web site for full information about LIGO's new venture in public data.

[issue_5] LIGO Magazine, Issue Five    Read issue five (left) to learn about the milestone "First Lock" of the Advanced LIGO detector at the Livingston Observatory. LIGO Magazine comes to you from the international LIGO Scientific Collaboration and delivers twice-yearly news of the worldwide effort to detect gravitational waves along with interesting features from related areas of astrophysics. [issue_4]
[081811_6]Follow the installation of Advanced LIGO   at LIGO Hanford by surfing our photo and video Galleries. Check the galleries periodically to find recent news on Advanced LIGO activities at LHO. Then come see the real thing on a LIGO tour!
[121411] What do you want to know about LIGO? LIGO Hanford's list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) now resides on our Web site. Surf our FAQ for responses to often-asked questions that cover various aspects of LIGO detector operations, data analysis, astronomy/astrophysics and working life at the Observatory. LIGO Hanford thanks students from Liberty High School and Sammamish High School for sending in the questions that started the LHO FAQ!

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[LIGO movie]Watch a new movie:
LIGO, a Passion for Understanding

Stream this 22-minute film from to see Advanced LIGO coming to life and to hear the thoughts and reflections of a number of LIGO personnel as they continue the journey toward gravitational wave detections on LIGO's huge interferometers.

[book] Try LIGO's book recommendations.

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