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[installLinks in the table below will take you to a sampling of LIGO-related newsletters and press releases. Check the LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC) Web site for the latest LIGO news. If you are seeking additional technical information on LIGO, search the LIGO document control center.

Recent Talks & Publications Proceedings & journal references Ongoing
Advanced LIGO Electronic Log (Hanford) Internal, public read access Ongoing
GEO600 Surpasses the Quantum Shot-noise Limit News at 2011
"Blind Injection" Stress-Tests LIGO and VIRGO News at 2011
Gravitational Echoes of the Birth of the Universe Caltech Press Release 2009
LIGO Looks for GRB070201 Caltech Press Release 2008
NSF Funds Advanced LIGO Caltech Press Release 2008
Dynamics of the Crab Pulsar Caltech Press Release 2008
S5 Science Run Closes LIGO Newsletter 2007
Plans for Japan's LCGT Detector LIGO Newsletter 2007
Improved Sensitivity on L1 LIGO Newsletter 2006
Pushing for Duty Factors LHO Science Updates 2006
Improved Sensitivity on H1, H2 LHO Science Updates 2006
Mirror Switch at LHO LIGO Newsletter 2005
LIGO Hanford Detector Approaches Design Sensitivity LIGO Newsletter 2004
Active Seismic Isolation Test at LIGO Livingston LIGO Newsletter 2004
Overview of LIGO Instrumentation SPIE 2004 2004
Commissioning of LIGO Detectors Amaldi 2003 2003
Earth Motion & LIGO SURF & SST Project Descriptions 1999
Gravitational Waves (A Review of LIGO) TASI 98 1998

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